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LATE is the professional association for English language teachers working in Latvia.

Membership only costs 25 Euros per year; 20 Euros for renewing members.

LATE is open to all teachers.

You can read more about LATE, what it does and how to join at the bottom of this page.

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January Training Day 4th Janaury 2019

LATE is delighted to announce the second January Seminar in our series 'Innovative Teaching Methods to Promote a Contemporary Learning Process'.

Join us for an inspiring day of professional development at Riga Teika Secondary School on Friday 4th January.

A full programme will be sent to LATE members shortly by e-mail.

The highlights of the programme are:

  • Džefrijs Grinvalds will look at Public speaking- training your students and yourself to be a
    persuasive public speaker
  • Kelli Odhuu will ask Why Don’t You Add a Little STEAM to Your Classroom?
  • Tatjana Kunda will discuss Assessment as Learning
  • Martha Lee Alexander will explain the Use of Poetry in Language Teaching
  • Robert Buckmaster will talk about Speaking and Speaking Skills
  • Inga Linde will talk about Motivational Grammar Tasks

Go here to register for this exciting event.

This is a special free event for LATE Members only. If you would like to attend and join LATE, then send us an e-mail to the contact e-mail link above.

Ina Andina, LATE Vidzeme region coordinator reports:

Latvia and Estonia joint seminar in Valka
Friday, November 2, was a significant day for Vidzeme region teachers from Valka, Strenči, Valmiera, Smiltene (Latvia)  and Valga Municipality teachers (Estonia) as there was a fantastic opportunity for the teachers of Engish to take part in a joint seminar organised by Pearson Latvia, Pearson Estonia and LATE in Valka Janis Cimze Gymnasium. 

Pearson Estonia representative Ursula Erik dealt with the 21st century teaching skills based on the course book "Wider World". The title of the session was called "It’s All about Communication: Authenticity in the Language Classroom". We tried to distinguish between the spoken practice and communication and investigate ways in which we can bring them closer together. We  looked at what the important elements of communication are in terms of linguistic and communicative competences and shared some activities and ideas to take away and try out in class with your teenage students.

Pearson Latvia representative Iveta Vītola in her session "A Competence Based Approach to Teaching and Learning English" looked at the language learning materials that engage students, increasing their confidence and equipping students with knowledge and skills required to succeed in their education and in their lives in general via the latest books by Pearson publishing house. It was exciting to do the group works and get acquainted with the colleagues from the neighbouring country and share common teaching ideas. There was a bookstall prepared by Pearson, Estonia.

After the seminar the educational board of Valga Municipality  added a surprise to the programme of the day with one more lecture led by Louis John Wierenga MA (Political Science) Junior Research Fellow in Comparative Politics, University of Tartu. Mr Louis John Wierenga was very interested in cooperation with the Latvian teachers alongside with the Estonians. It was interesting to listen to the native English speaker comparing the Canadian - Estonian cultures. 

The Valga Municipality educational board representative Lay Ivi expressed a wish to continue our co-ooperation and collaboration in the future with paying a visit to the schools in Valga, there was an offer for Latvian students to participate in Valga Municipality English Language Olympiad in spring.

Two Regional LATE Events for October

1. Annual LATGALE Teachers' Conference

The 18th Latgale English Teachers' Methodology Conference "Competence-based Teaching and Learning – Gateway to Learner’s Success” in Daugavpils, on the 23rd of October.

2. Pearson-LATE Professional Development Course in Liepaja

"A Competence Based Approach to Teaching and Learning English" at Liepaja State Gymnasium No. 1 on the 24-25th October.

British Council/LATE Summer School "Coping with Competences"

LATE, in co-operation with the British Council organised a residential summer school entitled "Coping with Competences", for English teachers, from 15 - 18 August at Priekuli Technical School

Chris Thorn from the UK and local lecturers shared their expertise and worked with 54 teachers to develop ideas and resources to use in their classrooms. You can find more information about the Summer School here.

Annual Conference 2018

LATE's Annual Conference was held on the 23rd and 24th August 2018 at Riga State Gymnasium No 1, Raina Bulvaris 8.

The Conference Title was: Educating Today's Learners for the 21st Century World: Competence-based Teaching and Learning.

You can find more information about it on the Conference page.


James Egerton, our webinar and seminar presenter this year, published an article in IATEFL Voices (March-April 2018) entitled 'Inculcating a Growth Mindset' and kindly agreed to share it with us.

The text of the article can be found here.

Accompanying videos and PDF copies of the materials for each stage can be found on this blog post.

International Federation of Language Teacher Associations

Nordic-Baltic Region Newsletter 1 2018

The FIPLV Nordic-Baltic Region (NBR) Conference 2018

Teaching and Learning Languages in the 21st Century: Linguistic, Educational and Cultural Aspects

Click here for more information.

Language Teacher Training and Development of Language Teachers Competencies

Language Teaching and Learning†for New Generation Students

Teaching and Learning Less Widely Taught Languages

Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication

Linguistic Research

Media Literacy Video Competition

The US Embassy in Latvia announces its annual video competition for high school students with a major prize for a four-week trip through the United States. This year's theme is "Media Literacy". We are waiting for young people in English about how they think about using media nowadays, how to think about who to believe, what not to, how to keep up with the topical issues of Latvia and the world, why it is so important, and so on. Videos should be submitted by February 22, 2018. There is more information about the competition in the attached poster.

Study of the United States Institutes

Study of the United States Institutes are intensive post-graduate level academic programs with integrated study tours whose purpose is to provide foreign university faculty, other scholars, and secondary educators (classroom teachers, teacher trainers, curriculum developers, textbook writers, ministry of educations officials, etc.) the opportunity to deepen their understanding of American society, culture, and institutions. The ultimate goal is to strengthen curricula and to improve the quality of teaching about the United States in academic institutions abroad.

The institutes will take place at various colleges and universities throughout the United States over the course of 5-6 weeks beginning in May/June 2018.

More information here [a Word document].

FLEX 2018-2019 Latvia

More information here about this exciting opportunity from the US Embassy.

About LATE

LATE has been representing teachers of English in Latvia since it was founded in 1992.

LATE is an Associate Member of IATEFL.

Membership Fees

New members: 25 Euros

Renewing members: 20 Euros

What LATE does

Late organises an Annual Conference in August in Riga and takes part in special projects.

Revised Association Statues

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As a member of LATE you can attend the Annual Conference at a reduced rate and take part in LATE projects, training events and special promotions.

In the 2017/18 academic year we had two webinars and a training day in January for members: see here for more details.

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