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This page contains an extensive collection of important links.

If you have any suggestions for links please contact LATE.

Essential Links Latvian Ministry of Education VISC

Teaching Organisations

Latvian Association of Language Teachers


LATE is an Associate Member of IATEFL - the International Association of Teachers of English, based in the UK. More information here.


Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages, based in the United States. More information here.

British Council Websites

British Council Latvia

Learn English

Learn English Kids

Learn English Teens

and Teach English



Scott Thornbury

David Crystal

Jeremy Harmer

Russell Stannard

Baiba Svenča


Pearson Latvia

Access to downloadable teacher resources and supplementary materials; learn more about digital solutions; get up-to-date invitations to free conferences and online trainings, and much more...

Pearson portal

Become a member of Primary Place, Teen Space, Tertiary Place or Exams Place and get access to a wide range of classroom resources. Or join the ELT Community to exchange your ideas with teachers all around the world.

Pearson Latvia on Facebook: Read the latest news, join the teacher's community, find funny apps and quizzes to involve your students!

My English Lab

A digital world in and outside the classroom. Learn about the online components to complement your favourite English Language course.

English Tests from Pearson

Learn more about English exams from Pearson and test your English language proficiency at the PTE testing centre - University of Latvia, Faculty of Humanities - to receive an internationally recognised certificate for studies at higher education institutions in Latvia or abroad.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Teacher Zones

A wealth of downloadable resources and classroom ideas for English teachers.

How to Use an Interactive Whiteboard

This series of video tutorials shows you how to use an Interactive whiteboard.

Teacher Support Plus

Here you will find free resources including pedagogical booklets and academic presentations designed for ELT professionals who wish to explore key aspects of language instruction.


Professional English Online

Cambridge University Press' website for
teachers and trainers of business English and ESP, providing ideas, support and inspiration.

Oxford University Press

OUP ELT Global Blog

Read exclusive articles by top OUP authors and teacher trainers, add your own comments and even contribute your own articles.

Oxford University Press ELT home page

Join Oxford Teachers' Club - hundreds of downloadable resources for OUP textbooks, all levels and skills, can be used with any book.



Azar Grammar

Free grammar resources to download including PowerPoint presentations; all levels.

Grammar Quizzes and

Perfect English Grammar

Both sites give explanations, examples and online exercises, suitable for intermediate level and up.

Road To Grammar

More than 350 quizzes for practicing grammar, different levels + word games.


Vocabulary and Corpus Linguistics


Students can create individual study lists and learn vocabulary at their own pace.

The Compleat Lexical Tutor

A site with a wealth of resources for teachers serious about vocabulary and vocabulary learning.

Turbo Lingo

A web-browser based concordancer.

Gender Genie

A program which claims to be able to distinguish between male and female writers.

On-line Corpora

Corpus of Contemprary American English

British National Corpus


Film English

Great video lesson plans for different ages and levels.

English Video

Free video lessons, all skills, all levels.

ESOL Video

Videos with quizzes for all levels.


Excellent site with original stories read by kids.


Educational videos for kids.


News in Levels

Short and easy news stories, 3 levels of difficulty, beginner to high-elementary level.

Listen to English

Podcasts on various topics with the transcript for reading, intermediate to advanced, excellent British English

Listen a Minute

Short listening tasks with handouts and online quizzes on everyday topics; elementary to pre-intermediate.


More than a thousand audio files including video lessons on everyday topics, informal speech, speakers from all parts of the world, with transcripts and online tasks.


Page by Page Books

Classic books which you can read online for free.


Free online books for students and teachers; all genres.


Printable literature study guides; downloadable apps for iPhone.


A Guide to Phonics for Parents and Schools




Writing Activities for Kids

Activities to show the children the fun side of learning.


How to write essays, book reports, research papers, letters, speeches etc; intermediate to advanced level.

Daily Writing Tips

Regularly updated tips for better writing, intermediate to advanced level.

55 Interesting Ways to Support Writing in the Classroom -writing ideas and activities, different levels.


Teaching English speaking activities.

Ideas for classroom activities which involve speaking, different levels.

Speaking and icebreaker activities for all levels.

ESL Discussions

655 discussion topics for different levels.


Digital storytelling


Upload a picture and add your voice to tell a story.


Write a short story using the pictures provided by the site. The outcome is an amazing e-book which can be read in the classroom.


Use your photos, video clips and music to create a digital story about anything.


Create a digital poster with text, audio or video.

Crossword Maker Sites

Armored Penguin

Just Crosswords

Puzzlemaker Discovery Education

The Teacher's Corner

All Skills

ISL Collective

Free teacher-made worksheets, all levels, all skills.

Agenda Web

Hundreds of resources for all language skills, different levels.

Breaking News English

About 1.5 thousand lesson plans on current events and news with task handouts; intermediate to upper-intermediate.


Free intermediate and advanced level resources - articles, texts, stories, grammar tasks, word games, crossword puzzles etc.

ESOL Courses

A large variety of exercises for all levels (beginners to advanced) and all skills, printable and online.

ELT Worksheets

Free printable worksheets for A1 to B2 levels, grammar, reading, vocabulary.

Tiny Texts

Short texts for reading, listening and learning vocabulary, elementary to intermediate level.

Funky English

Lessons and resources for all skills, different levels.


Other Links

40 Sites for Educational Games

Educational games for different subjects and levels.

Many thanks to Baiba Svenča for taking the time to compile and annotate most of these links. Visit her learning technology Blog.

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