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LATE is regulary involved in local and international projects. This page gives you information about recent and future projects.

For more information about the projects please e-mail:

Supporting Multilingual Classrooms

LATE ran the “Supporting Multilingual Classrooms - Inclusive Approaches in Language Education” 16 hours TPD course on 29-30th September 2020.

The participants had the chance to meet and work together for two days at “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga” (at 1 Slokas Street, Riga) and the lecturers, Kristin Brogan (Ireland) and Merce Bernaus (Spain), led the workshops through Zoom.

You can read more about the event here.

Pearson/LATE “Reading Circle” Project 2019-2020

Teachers from eight schools from all over Latvia are participating in the Reading Circle project, which is meant for elementary students: Pearson Readers Level 2 (600 headwords). The project is sponsored by Pearson and LATE and is free of charge for the participants.

Each school receives a set of (15+1 books of one title) and will be able to read them for a month. The teacher in each school organizes the reading process. After a month the set of books is posted to the next school in the Reading Circle and so on.

By the end of the project the students will have read one book a month and will have the chance to meet together. We are planning that the teams (e.g. 5 students + a teacher) meet for a final event and each team prepares a task for other teams (e.g. quiz/interactive task/video based task…) in order to recall the events from the books, revise, enjoy and celebrate the end of the project.

One teacher reports:

My students are motivated. I feel proud and satisfied to see them reading a book in English. Students feel more confident about themselves when they are aware of their abilities. I decided to put up an important question: "How do you feel while reading?" So in the photos you clearly see the emotions they gain in the process of reading.    Reading Circle Photo


Coping with Competences

British Council/LATE Summer School 2018

British Council/LATE Summer School for Teachers of English entitled “Coping with Competences” was held between the 15th August and 18th August 2018 in Priekuli, Latvia.

More information about the Summer School can be found here.
CLIL Summer Course 2016

The British Council, in conjunction with the Latvian Association of Teachers of English, organised a summer refresher course for teachers of English and teachers who teach subjects in English - CLIL teachers.

The course ran from Sunday August 21 to Wednesday August 24 at Bebrene General Education and Vocational Secondary School in Latgale. Room and Board and transportation costs were covered.

The course was a chance to improve practical language and computer skills as well as to learn about British Council initiatives to facilitate teachers' professional development and to promote inclusive learning. The British Council trainers concentrated on aspects of teaching CLIL and considerations when teaching Special Needs students as well as looking at how teachers can enhance their own professional development. Language Awareness and making more effective use of IT in the classroom were also themes that were addressed.


All participants received a certificate recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.

Photos and abstracts from the course can be seen here.

Digital European Language Portfolio

On September 26, 2014 representatives from the Ministry of Education and Science, the National Centre for Education (VISC) and Latvian Association of Teachers of English launched the digital version of the European Language Portfolio at the Nordic School of Language on the European Day of Languages.

Digital Porfolio Launch 1
  Digital Potfolio Launch 2 Digital Portfolio Launch 3

Oxford Teachers Academy

In January ten LATE members took part in the Oxford Teachers Academy Courses run by Dace Miska of OUP.

We advertised the event and invited applications from LATE members who taught teenagers.

We had some 17 applications and chose 10.

Green English NORDPLUS Project

In conjunction with the Lithuanian and
Estonian Teachers of English Associations

The aim of this project is to compile a teacher training module suitable for teenagers dealing with the topics of Water, Energy and other forms of Waste and Conservation. There will be both a face 2 face component and some online tasks. It is envisaged that some teacher/multipliers will be trained later on in the year.

Participation in the project was advertised, but unfortunately with very poor response. At the moment, Gaida Haritone (Zvejniekciems) and Silvija Andernovics are compiling the material for the Latvian component. If any other teachers of English are interested in participating in the project then please get in touch:

There is some renumeration available for those teachers involved in the project.

Tolerance Academy

For the second year, in conjunction with the Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy three teachers from Latvia (4 students each) and one teacher each from Latvia and Estonian with 4 students each (aged 11 - 13) will take part in a 5 day academy in Salacgriva from August 12-17, 2012.

The teachers will teach the students English and conference assistants will make sure that the youngsters are actively occupied in their free time.

The aim of the conference is to bring together teachers and students of different nationalities to promote mutual understanding, tolerance and respect.

These students are not necessarily your best students, but they are ones who are interested in meeting their peers from Lithuanian and Estonia as well as other parts of Latvia. Your students will also be ethnically diverse i.e. not only Latvian, but also Russian, Polish, Ukranian, Roma or any of the other nationalities which we find here in Latvia.

For a report on the very successful Tolerance Academy 2015 please visit this website.

Report from the 2012 Academy

Report from the 2011 Academy


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