Latvian Association of Teachers of English in cooperation with the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) invites active teachers, teacher trainers, language test developers and curriculum developers to participate in the teacher professional development course “Alternative, Continuous Methods of Assessment in Line with the CEFR and the Companion Volume” (24h).

The RELANG course is implemented in cooperation with the European Centre for Modern Languages (ECML) and is supported by the European Commission.

Time: 13-15th June 2022
Venue: “Bellevue Park Hotel Riga” Slokas iela 1, Rīga

The workshops will be conducted by the ECML experts José Noijons (Netherand) and Gábor Szábo (Hungary).

Description of the course:
In this three-day workshop, language test developers, teachers, teacher educators, textbook writers and curriculum developers together with RELANG team members will explore different forms of alternative assessment, such as portfolio-based and project-based assessment, including self-assessment: Assessment in line with the descriptor scales in the CEFR and the Companion Volume and preferable in local contexts. Practical tips and tasks such as integrating assessment into teaching activities on a regular basis, designing approaches to assessment which support students’ learning and engaging students as active participants in the assessment of their work will be presented and discussed. Materials will be developed that are adapted to the specific context of the interested member states, focusing on developing students’ awareness of learning expectations and criteria for success.

The course is free for the participants and will be held in English. There are only 25 places in the group, so participants will be asked to share their acquired knowledge and expertise in the regional teacher professional development events and/or LATE’s events/conferences.

You can see the programme here.

Course participants will be asked to share their opinion on the use of ICT and the data will be used in the Joint Doctoral Programme “Education Sciences” research of the University of Latvia. All research data will be used only in the anonymized form and processed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Relating language curricula, tests and examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference (RELANG)

This initiative is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission, entitled
Innovative Methodologies and Assessment in language learning