LATE’s Annual Conference, Teaching and Learning in Our Digital Era, will be held in Riga on the 22-23rd August 2024.

We are glad that LATE membership has grown and teachers in Latvia understand the importance of being a member of a professional organisation. Currently there are 406 members of LATE. Unfortunately, the capacity of most school halls is up to 300 seats at best, so the number of participants for the LATE conference is limited.

If you wish to secure your place at the conference, please apply early as possible. We can only guarantee conference materials/handouts to those who have registered by the20th June and the application link will remain open until all the available places are taken.

Please see below for information about conference speakers and their talks.

Registering for the Conference

In order to register for the conference, please do two things:

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Konts: LV86HABA000140J051530
Maksājuma mērķis: LATE Conference 2024

The Conference Fee includes 2 lunches, coffee breaks, festive reception, a TPD certificate (for 16 hours), as well as other organisational expenses and are as follows:

Current LATE Member (with a valid membership):

A) Early Bird (before 20th June) – €45 (includes Membership renewal fee €20 and conference fee €25)

B) From 21st June to 31st  July  – €55 (includes Membership renewal fee €20 and conference fee €35)

Non-Member (becoming a LATE Member):

C) Early Bird (before 20th June) – €50 (includes Membership – new member fee €25 and conference fee €25)

D) From 21st June to 31st July – €60 (includes Membership – new member fee €25 and conference fee €35)

E) Conference fee for non-Latvia residents or for everyone after the 1stAugust): €65

Current LATE Student Member (with a valid membership)

Current student members have a 50% discount on the membership fee

F) Early Bird (before 20th June) – €35 (includes Student Membership renewal fee €10 and conference fee €25)

G) From 21st June to 31st July – €45 (includes Student Membership renewal fee €10 and conference fee €35)

Non-Member Student (becoming a LATE Member)

Student members have a discount on the membership fee:

H) Early Bird (before 20th June) – €40 (Membership – new Student member fee €15 and conference fee €25)

I) From 21st June to 31st July – €50 (Membership – new Student member fee €15 and conference fee €35)

Institutional Payment of Fee

If you want your fee to be paid by your institution (only possible until 10th June):

J) Current LATE Member (with a valid membership) – €45 (includes Membership renewal fee €20 and conference fee €25)

K) Non-Member (becoming a LATE Member)– €50 (includes Membership – new member fee €25 and conference fee €25)

If your institution is paying for the conference, please send your name, phone number and full bank details to by10th June and we will send you an electronically signed invoice. We are going on holidays as well and might not be able to process them during the summer.

After Payment

You will receive a confirmation by e-mail in 5 working days’ time after the payment has been received. LATE membership is an annual membership and will be valid until August 2025. If you are not attending the conference, please remember to pay LATE Membership renewal fee €20 by the 31st July.

The full programme will be sent out to registered participants in August. Up-to-date information about the conference and speakers will be available on our website at

Speakers Announced

Dominiks Zeps will be talking about Gamification Frameworks in the ESL classroom: Framing language learning as a game is nothing new. Before Duolingo, there were star-awarding systems, language forums with leaderboards and Boy Scout badges. Many lessons can be found in these experiences and the cognitive processes that guide them. Attendees will learn about the science behind gamification, work organization approaches and helpful tools for enhancing English lessons.

Diana Bolgare will be talking about her “Poetry In My Heart” poetry reading aloud and creative writing contest for secondary students. What, why, when and how? This workshop offers teachers insights into facilitating student participation in the “Poetry in my Heart” contest. It provides a hands-on experience, guiding students through the contest journey: selecting, analyzing, and recording poems for the online phase, as well as crafting and performing original poems based on prompts for the final stage.

Joseph Jack Horgan will be talking about the materials he has created for 12 graders based on James Joyce’s “Dubliners” to prepare them for the 12th grade exam  These materials are a free, downloadable and printable collection of material for teachers to use to prepare advanced course students for the “highest level” exam. The material is based on the 15 stories of James Joyce’s collection “Dubliners.” This workshop will help teachers understand how to use the material with students and give a chance to test it out.

Rita Skara-Mincāne and Inta Augustāne will be exploring Strategies to Learn Collocations: In the workshop, we will share our experience of teaching collocations in English lessons.We will base our activities on the principles of lexical approach. Participants will use dictionaries, various texts, and explore how AI can help to design tasks aimed at giving students an opportunity to use word collocations in different contexts.

Ben Knight of Oxford University Press will be presenting at this year’s Annual Conference with a presentation entitled: ‘Getting your students to think better than AI’: What are the critical thinking skills that our students need in a world where AI seems to be making these skills redundant? Come to this talk to get a better understanding of what skills we should focus on, how AI impacts on our students’ thinking, and how we can work together with AI to help our students to become even better critical thinkers.

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