ECML Workshop 2022

The ECML workshop Online Technology “Use of ICT in Support of Language Teaching and Learning” was held in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Teachers of English (LATE) from 21st -22nd June, 2022 in Latvia.

The workshop was conducted by ECML experts, Sarah Heiser (UK) and Joseph Hopkins (Spain), and the 21 project participants, the majority of whom were teacher trainers and EFL methodological board leaders from all over Latvia, actively participated in the event.

The workshop provided invaluable insight into the ECML’s resources and there was a great balance between theory and practice during the event. Project participants praised the ECML experts’ professionalism and work, and said that the knowledge and skills gained during the course were very useful and applicable for teachers in Latvia. The participants worked out a set of activities on implementing ICT in language teaching and learning that could be adapted to the needs of Latvian EFL teachers.

The project activities encouraged the teachers to develop a cooperation network, and the teachers will participate in follow-up workshops and will present the activities worked out during the ICT-REV project at  LATE’s 30th Anniversary Conference on 17-18th August, 2022.