A new Board was elected at the 2021 Annual Conference.

The Board serves for two years. The Board members are volunteers and do not receive payment for their LATE duties.


Inga Linde is a CELTA and MSc in TESOL and CALL (University of Stirling, Scotland) qualified English language teacher.

Inga has been teaching for more than 30 years and is a certified mentor. She works at Ulbroka Secondary School and Riga Teika Secondary School. Inga is a consultant at the Advisory Board of Education and Information Services of Riga City.

Robert Buckmaster, MEd in E-Learning [Distinction], is a freelance trainer, project manager, materials writer, and independent language auditor. His websites are here and here.

Ilona Ustinova, Regional Coordinator, has been teaching English for 30 years. She works in Rainis Daugavpils Secondary School No.6; at Daugavpils City Education Department as the English language methodologist. She has been Daugavpils English language teachers’ methods group leader for 20 years. She is a teacher-trainer. Since 2005 she has been involved in CLIL programme (teaching different subjects in English). She is an alumni of International Visitor Leadership (USA) programme ”Using Culture to Teach ESL and Foreign Language in the U.S. a Single Country Project for Latvia”. She has a Diploma in English language and MA in English Philology.

Ina Andiņa is the English language teacher at Janis Cimze Valka Gymnasium. She has been teaching English for 29 years. She has been the school methods group leader for 13 years. She is a certified mentor, mentor trainer, course book reviewer, as well as an off-site methodologist with the Ministry of Education, National Curriculum Board. She was an assessor of the 12th year English exam written part for 17 years. Her articles are published in a brochure ”The New Teacher: Reflections and Suggestions for the Present –day Teacher”. She is an alumni of International Visitor Leadership (USA) programme ”Using Culture to Teach ESL and Foreign Language in the U.S. a Single Country Project for Latvia”.

Rita Skara-Mincāne, Med, is a Celta qualified English teacher. She graduated from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Education and Psychology as a teacher of English language and literature. She was a lecturer at the University of Latvia working with would be English language teachers and is a certified mentor. She has been working at Valmiera State Gymnasium as an English language teacher for 6 years and has been involved in organising and supervising teaching practices, designing and delivering CPD courses on CLIL and mentoring.

Irina Griiņevska holds a master’s degree in Pedagogy and in Economics. She has been working as an EFL teacher since 1997. She teaches at Riga Secondary School 34. In the last years, she has specialised in content and language integrated teaching (CLIL), designing integrated programmes and materials, managing Erasmus + projects. She has participated and presented in both international and national conferences.

Aija Gudza has been in education for almost 20 years. Right now she is a Course Director at the Baltic Council for International Education and an English language teacher. Helping people to learn English and be prepared for exams is her challenge. She has a Professional Master’s degree as a Teacher at Secondary School which was the education path she took in 2001.

Laima Takere has been teaching English at Riga Secondary School No.49 since 1995. She graduated from the University of Latvia, Faculty of Education, Psychology and Art as a teacher of English language and literature, and has a Master’s degree in pedagogy. She is also a certified mentor and the leader of the foreign language methodological department at her school.

Agnese Gromova-Ķūrena has been an English teacher since 1998 and has worked with students of different age groups (pre-schoolers to adults). She has a Master of Education in Pedagogy, having studied in the field of educational treatment of diversity. She is also a qualified preschool teacher, speech therapist and special education teacher. Agnese is currently working at the Distance Education Secondary School “Riga Commerce School” as an English teacher and is responsible for methodological solutions and assistance there. Agnese was the winner of the “Excellence Award” for English teaching in 2023.