Supporting Multilingual Classrooms

On 29-30th September with the support of the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission the Latvian Association of Teachers of English managed to hold the postponed “Supporting Multilingual Classrooms” workshop in Latvia. 

Twenty-eight project participants, who are mostly teacher-trainers/multipliers/EFL methodologists from all over Latvia, had the chance to meet and work together for two days in Riga and the ECML lecturers, Kristin Brogan (Ireland) and Merce Bernaus (Spain), led the workshop through Zoom.

Currently Latvia is undergoing the changes in the system of education and a new competence based curriculum is being introduced. Therefore, the participants found the ECML’s workshop and resources immensely beneficial and by numerous opportunities of group discussions have developed a better understanding of the principles and values underlying pluralistic and intercultural approaches. The participants also got acquainted with the ECML’s resources, lesson plans and project work examples and how to use these materials in their classrooms.

The project activities also encouraged the teachers to develop a cooperation network and the teachers will participate in the follow-up workshop during the LATE teacher professional development day in December 2020 and will introduce all teachers of English in Latvia with the ECML’s materials, resources and project participants’ experience.

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