Webinar 2

Riveting Revision + Overcoming Exam Anxiety

James Egerton, 4th March 2018

Abstract: The Year 9 and 12 exams are right around the corner, and in just 40 minutes this two part webinar will provide you with practical and psychological tools to help your students to achieve their best.

Part 1: The informative insights at the LATE conference on 5th January showed that Use of Language is the weakest exam part overall, and that students score lowest on Grammar in the Speaking and Writing parts. We’ll look at several engaging classroom activities to revise these areas before the exam.

Part 2: Anxiety-related issues prevent many students from achieving in the exam room what they are fully capable of in the classroom. We’ll look briefly at the physiology of anxiety, and discuss three simple, practical techniques that students can employ to keep anxiety under control on exam day

To download the Presentation slides as a pdf: click here.